Marriage and Couples Therapy

We believe that having a secure, emotionally connected and nurturing relationship with your spouse or partner is one of the most essential aspects of living a happy and fulfilling life. At Higher Ground Family Therapy we do our best to provide an environment for couples to work on strengthening, rebuilding, restoring and finding healing in relationship.

When there is hurt and struggles in our marriage or relationships, we can often feel like change is bleak. We lose hope that anyone can understand our situation and all its complexities. You may be feeling like you have drifted apart due to demands of your job or kids. Maybe there has been deep hurt such as an affair or other betrayal, or possibly there has been a long history of unfulfilled needs and the person you feel in love with now seems like a distant stranger or roommate. Maybe you’ve tried working through it yourself by talking to friends, family or reading self-help books and feel weary. Maybe it's time for that relational tune-up because the spark seems to be fading or you want to maintain your relationship to prevent larger issues in the future.

Whatever brought you here, know there's hope and that at some point every marriage goes through seasons of struggle to some degree or another. With commitment and openness, we believe it’s possible to work through what might seem an impossible situation. Loving someone is a choice because it requires our active participation. It does take work but the payoffs are immeasurable. Many times the struggles we experience create room for new growth.

What to Expect

Marriage and Couples Therapy can help couples of all ages, and in all types of relationships: married, living together, engaged, or dating. For couple’s counseling your therapist will meet with you together for joint therapy session to start, however sometimes your therapist will recommend individual sessions to check in and even work on individual therapy goals. Working with a therapist, you’ll gain deeper insight into the relationship dynamics and learn skills to heal and strengthen your relationship.

You may need only a few sessions to help you weather there's a temporary crisis, or you might need counseling for several months, particularly if there are several long term factors involved. If the relationship has greatly deteriorated your therapist will work with you to assess what areas need treatment and teach you the skills to help transform your relationship into one that can be vibrant long term. We’ll analyze both the positive and challenging parts of your relationship and create a specific treatment plan will depend on your unique situation. We do provide testing, upon request, to assess where the relationship is at and assess what couples treatment will work best for you.

Often couples seeking marriage therapy want to integrate their faith or Christian values into their therapeutic work. At Higher Ground Family Therapy we allow our clients to choose if this is appropriate for them. We provide a non-judgmental atmosphere to support your journey.

Common Issues Addressed in Session

• Communication Issues
• Conflict Resolution
• Sexual Issues
• Parenting Issues
• Family Issues
• Sex Addiction
• Roles and Responsibility
• Emotional and Spiritual Abuse
• The Couples Emotional Dance
• Infidelity/Affairs
• Separation/Divorce/Blended Family
• Unforgiveness and Anger Issues
• Intimacy and Connection Problems

We are certified in Prepare Enrich for marital enrichment and pre-marital counseling. We also have therapists specialized in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy for those who feel stuck, and that they continue to have the same issues over and over again. EFCT assists in identifying relational patterns that keep couples stuck and teaches clients how to change those patterns long term. We also have a Sex Therapist that works with intimacy, arousal, desire, painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, orgasm and other areas that couples often find difficult to discuss with one another or others.